「For a Sustainable Lifestyle, Wear Eiji as you wear your body」

In the era of fast fashion, new things are designed quickly and cheaply, ultimately shortening product lifecycles and producing significant waste in the environment. We at Eiji Division value the Sustainability and traditional quality of our products designed to be loved and respected for your entire life. Our spinning history of over 90 years has created an original craftsmanship only found in Local Osaka. The traditional manufacturing practices that have been handed down through generations has continually produced quality, life-long products, incomparable to new technologies. From Local Osaka to the Global individual, Eiji is your first and final t-shirt.


Eiji’s original t-shirts are produced using 100% of the world’s highest-grade cotton, Ultimate Pima. Loved for its luxurious material and life-time durability, Eiji t-shirts have been defined by its light weight and gentle comfort. The delicate techniques of the Osaka craftsman have created a high-quality piece unlike any other.


Sleeve Length

Wash the washing machine or put it in the net.
For hand washing, pale wrinkles and shrinking also occurred, and damage to the fiber is a bit washable. Wash in a washing machine Turn on the T shirt and flip it, please wash after placing it in the net after folding. Doing so will reduce the damage that will result in a T - shirt, and it will be possible to reduce the color loss on the side that I thought.
If it is a hanging or hangers, it folds in half.
When drying a T - shirt the least damage is to flip it out and place it. Avoid fading of the surface by turning it over, and prevent spreading and deformation of the fiber by placing it dry. If you use a hanger, you can prevent collapse of the neckline and shoulder lines by hinging from the torso part to fold in half.
With neutral detergent or organic detergent.
If it is neutral detergent or organic detergent and there is no fluorescer etc, damage to the yarn is also less, so you can make your clothes last longer. Even with ordinary household detergents, you can wash it without worrying, but please beware that Bleach will fade.
Only steam is optimum
When stretching the wrinkle, you can stretch it enough by only applying steam iron. With this method you can keep a clean silhouette with less stress on the fabric. When using a regular iron, please set the maximum temperature of the bottom to 150 degrees.



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