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<transcy>EIJI T-SHIRTS CREW NECK L / S Age Long Sleeve T-shirt Crew Neck</transcy>

<transcy>EIJI T-SHIRTS CREW NECK L / S Age Long Sleeve T-shirt Crew Neck</transcy>

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EIJI's original T-shirt made from 100% of the world's best organic cotton, Ultimate Pima. It has a smooth feel and is soft and light, and the more you wear it, the more it fits into your skin. It is a high-quality piece created by the delicate techniques of Osaka craftsmen.
EIJI's long-sleeved T-shirt is wrapped in a soft touch so that you can fully experience the comfort of EIJI.
We use organic cotton Ultimate Pima ripe cotton, so you can feel the softness and warmth even though it is light and glossy.

Long-sleeved T-shirts have the feeling of being wrapped in an age T-shirt, and it is attractive that you can feel the touch of cotton more.

The size notation is unisex male notation.
Women's size
EIJI notation XXXS size ⇒ Equivalent to ladies' XS size
EIJI notation XXS size ⇒ Equivalent to ladies' S size
EIJI notation XS size ⇒ Equivalent to ladies' M size
EIJI notation S size ⇒ Ladies L size equivalent
EIJI notation M size ⇒ Ladies XL size equivalent ......

V-neck long sleeves are also available.
If you wish, please write [V-neck request] in the comment column after purchase.

※※ Wearing size Men: White round neck long sleeves: XL size wearing Ladies: White round neck long sleeves: XS size wearing

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